Know Where You Are

Most of us go through life knowing very little about our body and its true potential. We often measure our health based on how we feel. When something goes wrong, we are alerted by pain or a lack of energy. As you may know, a lack of symptoms doesn’t mean we are well!

We may know the basics, like blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol levels, but many of us lack insight into the genetics and biochemistry that determine how long and how well we live.

Science gives us the tools to understand our bodies. Goldzone turns data into knowledge so we make informed lifestyle choices that promote health and vitality.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing gives you deep insight into the genes that program your body. 

Hormone Testing

Hormone testing identifies imbalances that affect body function.

Micro-nutrient Testing

Vitamin and micro-nutrient testing detect deficiencies at the cellular level.

Longevity Testing

Measures the key parameters shown to predict healthy longevity.