Children Born Today Will Live to 120 or More

Children Born Today Will Live to 120 or More

We are entering a new era of personalized longevity. Children born today are expected to live well past 120. Not only will they live longer, they will maintain excellent health through their various stages of life and experience a quality of life that is unheard of today.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to live as long as possible. Some people feel that life isn’t worth living and have essentially given up – have a death wish – and want to take others with them!

Long life brings more focus onto the quest for meaning and fulfillment. No longer is it enough to pay the bills, get buy, chase the never-ending rate-race. The problem with winning the rat-race is that you are still a rat!

If you knew without a doubt that what you did today would shape your experience in the future, what changes would you make? What would you do to live an extra 20 years?

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